How to Make Coupons Work for Your Business

Coupons are like mini salespeople, out on the streets, online and in e-mail. Do you have coupons working for you? Running your business is tough and marketing it is even tougher. Why not start with making sure you have a coupon available to anyone everywhere, either locally or internationally? It can be done!

While you’re sleeping, your coupons could be circulating through Facebook, Twitter, or searched through Google. It’s not enough anymore to be listed online or have your own website…people are looking for reasons to try your business. A good review will go a long ways, but a nice incentive via coupon is an attractive way to engage a new customer and bring them in.

Have you thought of how to make coupons work for your business? Why not make a coupon and share it online? For example, not only gives you the ability to make a coupon but share it all over the web – to new and returning customers.

How to Make Coupons Online

How to Make A CouponNeed to make a coupon for your local business? Have you considered a digital coupon you can share on Google, Facebook, and Twitter? will give you a coupon-maker to setup an easy coupon and share it in minutes. See the Coupon Tool here:

How to Make Coupons

How to make coupons online: How to Make Coupons with Couponler

1. How to make coupons that are valuable:

Don’t give away the bank to get people in. Let’s be careful about how to make coupons that is worth you and your customer’s time. There’s a happy medium there, think this through. On the other hand, “1 percent off” can be an insult. Let’s build a base of happy customers with solid offers.

2. How to make coupons that introduces a new service:
Coupons are a sharpened form of an advertisement. It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce a new product or menu item. Make it a ‘low risk’ investment from your customers to try something new!

4. How to make coupons that are easy to share:

Your best customers are the perfect candidates for receiving your coupons. They give them the opportunity to share their story with their friends and invite them to your store. Give them the gift they can pass to the world.

5. How to make coupons that bring in customers quickly

There are plenty of ways to get coupons out the door quickly nowadays. With Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail at your fingertips, you could create coupons in the morning and see it redeemed at lunch. Offer more incentive for shorter term expiration dates. (“Today only! Free Scoop of Ice Cream”).

6. How to make coupons with the right expiration date

Choose your expiration date according to your goals. In some cases, you may need to give yourself two weeks to get the most redemption out of each coupon. In others, you may want to limit it to a few days before expiration. See what works best for your offer.

7. How to make coupons with a clear headline

“Free” is always a good word associated with a gift. “25% Off” requires a bit more of attention. Test the waters to see which headline works best for you.

8. How to make coupons using valuable keywords

Posting your coupon anywhere on the web means search crawlers are going to find you. Find the closest words that people will find you with online and make sure you incorporate them in all your text. Over time you can build traffic around your company name and website.

9. How to make coupons perform with a promo code

Try using a promo code with each coupon to track it’s performance. Assign different codes to each coupon and track their usage in your store. If you want to test the same coupon offer in different areas online or via email, add a unique promo code to each.

10. How to make coupons that are compelling!

This is your moment in the sun. Your delivering coupons of hope to the masses. Well, perhaps you’re just trying to get more people in your door. Regardless, make it fun!

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